When it comes to textbooks, the overall cost can become a burden for both schools and students alike. Some in the U.S. are now turning to international editions since they’re cheaper to buy in bulk and are useful for those wanting to study abroad and at home. However, there are some other benefits to buying these over U.S. editions.

There are typically two kinds of international edition textbooks: books written in America but published with identical content overseas for poor countries, and books written in other countries with different content. This post is referring to the latter kind of international edition textbooks that can give students greater perspectives.

Aside from cost, some international editions will include more information about certain historical events. World History and Literature are just two that prove this point. The U.S. versions will give you a decent overview, but if you need more than that you’ll have to get it on your own. Plus, the former will do into deeper detail about the people involved in certain events and works of literature.

Sometimes, you’ll not only get more info about certain events in international editions but also more info in general. U.S. textbooks tend to leave out certain moments in history or pieces of info due to the length of the school year and what students need to learn to prepare for standardized tests. In some cases, depending on the school district, this can lead to students becoming bored in the classroom which could possibly lead to poor grades and low graduation rates.

You can find international edition textbooks online at most bookstores and in some libraries nationwide. Before you buy, make sure they’re approved by your professor. For those who wish to buy for a K-12 district, you should be able to get them directly from the publisher in bulk orders. International editions are great for most subjects, except when it comes to local history and literature. Either way, the best textbooks to buy are the ones that provide the most info on a subject possible. The more info a student has in front of them, the easier it is for them to understand and pass the class.