Have you considered how much you’re spending on new textbooks for college? At an average of $200 for a basic course book, that adds up to almost $1,000 per year, or more. Hundreds of college bookstores are currently offering a way to lower that cost. For a savings of up to 80 percent, you can rent your textbooks rather than buy them.

There are many advantages of renting textbooks. In addition to the monetary savings better spent on a good used car and insurance, those already taking advantage of used books can enjoy the convenience of finding their textbooks in a single place. Rather than spending hours looking for what you need at websites that sell used books, paying expedited shipping costs and then hoping each book arrives before classes start, you can rest assured that your books will arrive on time.

While you can still order online when renting textbooks, you also have the option of shopping in-store. If you choose to order online, most rental companies will pay for shipping both ways. The shipping is included in the price of the rental. While basic textbooks such as mathematics or biology carry the best deals, shaving costs off evolving subjects like accounting or management makes sense since renting won’t leave you with a book you can’t resell at the end of the term.

An added bonus to renting textbooks is that most rental companies allow you to highlight and take notes right on the pages of the book. You don’t have to change the way you learn or remember things. You just have to make sure that the book is still useable so another individual can rent it.

In addition, if you decide that you want to keep the book, there is also an option at the end of the semester that will allow you to do that too. Most rental agreements also come with a grace period similar to purchases. You can return the books if you discover you don’t need them. That makes renting textbooks more convenient and affordable than buying new.