Students entering college or graduate school often worry about how to finance their room and board. With the costs of textbooks increasing, students may now have to deal with financing a trip to the bookstore. Here is a list of the top 5 most expensive textbooks we found for 2011.

Acta Philosophorum: The First Journal of Philosophy

One of the most expensive textbooks for the 2011 school year is the Acta Philosophorum. This historical text was originally published in 1715. It is filled with articles about ancient philosophy and the German Enlightenment. It also includes writing about the lives of Galileo and John Locke. The text is full of diagrams, charts and portraits of the authors. Students who are required to have this text will have a hefty expense. This book costs $1,450.

Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications

Students taking a course in the history of the media may have this reference set on their list of required reading. The Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications discusses the history of media. Everything from medieval printing methods to the internet is covered. The book includes over 219 historic articles that have been compiled into four volumes. Although this is primarily a reference found in libraries, some students may be required to buy this $1,215 text.

Management Science: An Anthology

While this text is not as expensive as the Acta Philosophurum, it will still set students back $850. The three volume set is a collection of published work in the area management science and operational research that have contributed to the field. The text focuses on allocation issues, inventor control and maintenance theory and policy. The book also serves to give its readers an introduction to management science and defines the field.

History of Early Film

This three-volume set is comprised of rare articles about the foundations of cinema. The first book emphasizes the work of Olive Cook, the British Journal of Photography is the subject of the second volume and the third deals with articles from the mid-1800s. Students taking a course in film history will be surprised by its $740 price tag.

Biostatistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology

This textbook on genetics was published after the human genome was successfully mapped. The text is a part of the Encyclopedia of Biostatistics and is a comprehensive resource for human genetics. Anyone studying genetics may have to study this book that is priced at $665.

These textbooks may cover a wide-range of topics, but their high prices give them something in common. While financing tuition may be on the mind’s of many, its seems as if financing books might have to be also.