Textbooks are notoriously expensive when purchased from a university bookstore. Even a short decade ago, it was unusual to have alternatives to this expensive arrangement. Students were forced to buy from a university bookstore or buy no books at all. Worse still, even the used books were grossly overpriced, leaving students with still more bills that they couldn’t afford.

Internet bookstores have revolutionized the choices that students have when shopping for textbooks. Thanks to textbook rental sites as well as used textbook sites, students are able to buy used textbooks for fair prices. If you’re wondering why students should buy used instead of new textbooks, here are just a few good reasons to do so.

1. Price: Used textbooks purchased online are often much cheaper than new textbooks. With the will to shop around and compare textbooks, students can save money without sacrificing quality.

2. Improved Condition of Textbook: One of the big worries about buying used textbooks is the condition of the book when it’s purchased. Students now have a wide selection of used books to choose from. For those that don’t mind a worn and pre-marked textbook, there are astonishingly cheap prices for books that would normally cost hundreds of dollars. Alternately, students can also spend a bit more, still save money, and get a “like-new” textbook for a discounted price.

3. Saving money: When you save money on used textbooks, you’re able to use that money to buy other school materials, or luxury items, that you couldn’t have afforded otherwise. Not only do you save money to spend on other things you want or need more, but you also get a textbook that is in your preferred condition and price range.

Taking these three factors into account, there’s virtually no reason NOT to buy used textbooks. The savings amounts to hundreds of dollars per semester and throughout your college career, you can save thousands of dollars. It adds up in your favor. If you’re interested in used textbooks, online shopping is your best bet. There are thousands of used books to choose from and you can even rent books if you choose not to purchase.