Clemson Bookstore Textbooks - Photo by dok1

There are a lot of people in South Carolina that have decided to go back to school. Some people are able to get grants but there are a lot of people that have to do it all on their own. Tuition is the number one fee but textbooks are also very expensive. In order to find the best affordable books, students should shop around. There are several different bookstores that sell Clemson University textbooks in the Clemson, SC area. If students want to find the best deals close to Clemson University then they should look at all of these bookstores.

The first bookstore that people can look at that sells Clemson Textbooks is the Clemson University Barnes and Noble bookstore. This bookstore has a price match deal so that students can get the best deals possible. It is located right on campus so every student can pick up books close to school.

The official university bookstore is called Clemson University Bookstore. This bookstore has a wonderful online website where students can buy new or used books or they can also rent their Clemson Textbooks. It is located in the Hendrix Student Center in Clemson and they have some really wonderful deals.

Another great Clemson bookstore that is close to the University is McClure’s Bookshop LLC. They have wonderful staff and their prices are comparable and fair. If you are looking for books for school and you can’t find what you need then you might check out this bookstore. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Some textbooks are very difficult to find or they can be very expensive. One suggestion for people that can’t find what they want at local Clemson bookstores is to shop online at This website has all types of books and they offer some amazing deals on Clemson University textbooks. is great to check prices or as a last resort.

Going back to school is an expensive venture and most people really want to save money where ever they can. Shopping around for Clemson textbooks is a great way to save and to find what you really want. There are several great Clemson Bookstores, so start shopping today.