A shot of Duke University's West Campus residential area, photo by Matt Phillips

Duke University is a prestigious private university in Durham, North Carolina. Duke has over 14,000 students and is known for being a top research institution in the United States. Because of this, textbooks are clearly a priority at the school. There are a few outlets serving the Duke community that provide both new and used textbooks for students. The following is information on those stores.

The Duke Textbook Store is the official campus bookstore and is located on the lower level of the Bryan University Center on the school’s West Campus. The store provides the most comprehensive selection of new and used textbooks and materials for undergraduate students and those enrolled in law and business courses. The store also offers supplementary course materials such as study aids and provides a binding service for new books or thesis papers. In addition, the store will buy back used books for a decent rate. A handy feature on the store’s website allows students to enter the ISBN number of a textbook and find the buyback value of the book. Books can also be purchased online.

Gothic Bookshop is another option for textbooks at Duke. This store is on the top floor of the Bryan University Center on Duke’s West Campus. But don’t let the “Gothic” name fool you. This store offers a wide variety of scholarly and reference books for students and researchers alike as well as a large selection of general titles. Gothic Bookshop also prides itself on offering discounts to all customers every day. The store offers a 10% discount on paperback books and a 20% discount on hardback books. Customers can order books online for pick-up at the store, and any special orders can be placed at no additional charge.

The Regulator Bookshop is a full-service independent bookstore located off-campus at 720 Ninth Street in Durham. The store has served both booklovers and college students since 1976. It has a large collection of new and used fiction and nonfiction titles along with a section devoted entirely to Duke course textbooks. The Regulator Bookshop also offers discounts on books of up to 30% during the holiday shopping season. One unique thing about the Regulator Bookshop is that it hosts cool events throughout the year such as authors who talk about their books and other reading-related activities for younger readers. In addition, the store’s website has several book reviews from store staff and suggests some rare titles that may be hard to find elsewhere.