Iowa State campus in Ames, IA (Photo by SD Dirk)

Iowa State University is a public research university centered in Ames, Iowa. The school, which was established some 150 years ago in 1858, is primarily known for specializing in agriculture and engineering programs. The school is also a member of the Big 12 Conference for athletics, and its teams are known as the Cyclones. As research and academics are both highly regarded at Iowa State, so are textbooks. The following information includes details about where ISU students can shop around for their course books and materials.

The Iowa State University Bookstore is home to the official campus bookstore. Originally opened as a small shop, it is now located at 2229 Lincoln Way – a convenient spot for students and visitors. An advantage of shopping at this bookstore is that during the end-of-semester buyback period, students can receive higher rates on selling their used books back to the store that they no longer need. Other items available at the store include Cyclones apparel for fans of all ages, school supplies, office supplies, and computer equipment. In addition, the store has a variety of free e-Books available for students, offering another money-saving option.

Campus Book Store, Inc. is an independently operated bookstore geared toward Iowa State students. Its address is 2300 Lincoln Way, conveniently situated right down the street from the main Iowa State campus. This store sells both new and used textbooks for all ISU students. If you are a student who is new to the Midwest, this store can provide you with plenty of winter gear, including sweatshirts and hats to keep you warm. You can even find pet supplies in this store. So what more could you possibly ask for? Gift cards are available as well.

Books-A-Million is a well-known bookselling chain with a convenient location in Ames. It’s at 1200 South Duff Avenue. BAM has a reputation for supplying one of the largest selections of books in general. It also has an online store with even more options for college students looking to purchase textbooks. Shop at the store or shop online and you should be good to go for the semester.

An additional place to check for more used books is Firehouse Books. It’s at 405 Kellogg Avenue in downtown Ames. Although this is a smaller store, it is still very well-stocked and has some of the best prices on books in town. Not only can you hunt for your course textbooks, but you may also find a good read to pick up for reading in your spare time. You never know what you might come across at Firehouse Books.