University of Miami campus in Coral Gables, FL (Photo by scott_zona)

The University of Miami is a private university with its main campus located in Coral Gables, Florida. With an enrollment of just over 15,000 students, it is actually one of the smaller universities in the Sunshine State but has some higher academic standards for its students. The school, which was founded in 1925, is known for its Hurricanes football program that has produced five national championships. But in the classroom, textbooks are a major priority for students. There are a few local options on where to buy your textbooks if you are attending the school. The following stores are the best places to go to purchase your textbooks and compare prices:

The University of Miami Bookstore is the official campus bookstore at the university. It is located on campus at 3306 Stanford Drive. Students can find the specific materials they need for their classes by accessing the store’s website and entering their course information. This is a good way to ensure that students receive the correct editions of their textbooks. The store also offers rental options so that students don’t have to break their limited budgets by purchasing textbooks outright. Other items available at the University of Miami bookstore include Hurricanes apparel, even for pets! You can find just about any type of outerwear possible here to support the school’s athletic programs. Electronics, software, and school supplies are additional items available.

Book Horizons is a family owned and operated bookstore at 1110 South Dixie Highway in downtown Coral Gables. This bookstore has a wide selection of new and used textbooks, allowing students to choose whether to buy them new at their regular prices or used at discounted prices. The store has been serving students in the South Florida area since 1953. The store provides quick and personalized service to students who bring in their schedule and know which specific classes they need to buy books for. A complete line of Hurricanes apparel is on sale as well. In addition, the store will buy back used textbooks. Customers can sign up to receive special e-mail offers and discounts by visiting the store’s website. A special section for law students contains a large selection of law books.