Students gathering at the University of Missouri campus in Columbia (Photo by TrueFalseFilmFestival)

The University of Missouri, sometimes called “Mizzou,” is a public research university in Columbia, Missouri. Founded in 1839, the university is considered the oldest public higher education institution west of the Mississippi River. Missouri’s athletic teams are known as the Tigers. There are numerous places where Missouri students can buy their textbooks. Here is some information on those outlets:

Originally opened in 1899, the University Bookstore is the longtime destination for University of Missouri students. It’s at 911 East Rollins Street on campus. The bookstore sells new and used textbooks, Tigers gifts and gear, school supplies, backpacks, and more. Students can compare prices at the store to prices at other book outlets. One of the neat features at the store is an Espresso Book Machine. No, it doesn’t make coffee, but it makes books. You can print up to 300 pages of an actual book and have it printed, bound, and ready to go for just a penny per page.

The Textbook Game is a unique textbook store serving Missouri students at 904 Elm Street, Suite 212. The philosophy behind the store is that if students can find the best prices on college textbooks, they should consider themselves “winners” in the challenging “textbook game” that students face at the start of every semester. The Textbook Game has a wide-reaching inventory of used books and encourages students to sell their books back to the store for the best rates in town. The company also serves students at other schools, such as Columbia College, and has a second location in St. Louis, the home of Washington University.

Get Lost Bookshop is an independently owned bookstore in the heart of Columbia at 8 South Ninth Street. This bookstore actually encourages customers to “get lost” in all of its books by jumping in and enjoying the wide selection. The store primarily sells used books, and you may just find some of the textbooks you need for your classes at reduced prices. You can also bring in used books, including textbooks, and trade them for some new or different books. The store is open seven days a week.

Most people know and trust the name Barnes & Noble, and if you’re a Missouri student, you’re in luck. There is a B&N bookstore at the Columbia Mall at 2208 Bernadette Drive. It is easy to get to if you live on or near campus. Barnes & Noble has many options for books of all kinds. Whether you have a textbook list in hand or are looking for something to add to your leisure reading collection, B&N can serve you. The Nook is also a great option for reading books electronically, especially for busy college students.