New Textbooks vs Used Textbooks - Photo by striatic

For all of those who have ever attended college, you understand the anguish you have to go through when looking for textbooks each semester. New textbooks are highly priced compared to used ones. New textbooks will always become outdated within a few years (if you’re lucky!). Used textbooks are not necessarily outdated; they are books that have been used by someone else before. If the used textbook is the same ISBN as specified in your class’s current syllabus, there is no need to go to the bookshop and acquire the same book at an exorbitant price while you can get used books for potentially less than half that price.

Over the last several years, students have increasingly preferred buying used books because they can save money and buy more textbooks required in their field of study. A book that is costing $200 new in a bookshop may be offered at $80 online because it has been used. It is common sense that the two books have no difference apart from the fact that with the latter, you will not be the first owner. The content will be the same, and if the first owner was responsible, it will still be in a good condition. Buying used books will not only save you a boatload of money, it will also put you in the forefront of saving trees used in making new books.

The internet has made buying used textbooks very easy as there are many sites offering used books at very affordable prices. Most used books are in great condition and some sites will deliver the books free of cost to your doorstep. The online merchant sites are advanced and the searching process is as easy as typing the book title and pressing the purchase button. The good thing is that you will only need your computer, internet connection, and credit card or paypal to search and purchase your textbooks.

Another great way to acquire used textbooks is through placing an ad on the students’ notice board. If someone is a semester in front of you, he or she likely will have bought the same books you need this semester. You can probably buy the books from them at a lower cost and they will not be outdated. Some students will place ads on the notice board and you can find out which books they are offering and how much they are asking price-wise. You can go a step further by placing a listing of the books you need and how much you are willing to pay.

With these options available, getting used textbooks has never been this easy. If the used book is in good condition, not outdated, and the price is reasonable, there is no practical reason why you should go to the bookstore for a new expensive textbook with the exact same content.