UCF Students are Excited to Try KnightSwap - Photo by breezy421

Two UCF students have created a website for UCF students to buy and sell textbooks locally. Named KnightSwap, this service allows for students to register in just a few seconds and upload/price all of their books available on KnightSwap.com. Selling used textbooks locally is a cheap alternative to buying or renting textbooks online and paying shipping costs.

Buyers and sellers can contact each other through the site to make deals, and then meet up at safe places on the University of Central Florida campus to exchange textbooks and cash. KnightSwap’s creators, Daniel Gierling and Dan Chimento, hope that the website will grow by word-of-mouth as they are trying to keep expenses low as the site is free for everyone to use and enjoy.

The Central Florida Future covered KnightSwap on November 29th, 2011 in this article, and the website is getting more publicity from other places.