Millions of students prepare to attend college for studying various disciplines each year. Getting prepared for class work is a difficult task, especially when tuition and fees come into the picture. What most people tend to forget and end up paying for later on is the textbooks.  We live in a modern world where textbooks are nearly outdated faster than we can read them. This makes it necessary for students get new textbooks pretty frequently. The ease of buying textbooks is not an issue; the difficulty is that the price tags on new books are beyond the reach of many students.

Renting Textbooks vs Buying - Photo by scottfeldstein

Students today are faced with two options for their course materials: renting textbooks or buying textbooks. We all want to save money and in efforts to do so we go for the easiest means that will ensure we get what we want fast and simply. Buying seems like a good option because you will have the book to yourself when and where you need it. Looking at the cost factor, it is advisable to weigh the two options without bias and figure out what will save you both time and money while making sure you grasp what is required in class.

Most people would go for buying but when you look at the logical part of it, renting can often be much better. Let’s say you buy a book in your field of study. At the end of the semester, you take it to the bookshop to resell it. They tell you that there is another version that has just been recently released and your version is no longer needed. You will not have a way to recover your money since no one will need your outdated version, so you will have to hold onto that book forever or toss it in the recycling bin.

Renting textbooks is often better since you will always have access to the recently released versions of books and send them back when you are done with them. You will not have to look for a buyer and not worry about the edition that will have been published when you need to sell it. With the current technology in telecommunications, it is now possible to rent books online. This makes it easy as you don’t have to drive to the bookstore and there are more services and discounts offered on many websites.

When you take into consideration all the financial expenses that the students have to cover, you will certainly agree that they should go for the cheapest yet effective way of acquiring textbooks. Make sure you get the best legitimate renting service that will have updated books, prices that are affordable, and timelines that will allow you to use the book to the maximum.