Cincinnati Bookstore Textbooks, Photo by David Berkowitz

Cincinnati, Ohio, is the home to hundreds of universities and colleges, and thousands of students. With the cost of tuition rising, students are becoming thrifty when shopping for textbooks. Here are a few of the local bookstores to help students bargain shop and compare prices.

The University of Cincinnati UC bookstore is accessibly located on the University campus but it also has convenient online services. Some of the services they offer, which make getting your books for classes easy and convenient, are the availability of eBooks through CafeScribe, buying new, buying used, or renting your textbooks. You choose the option that is easier and more affordable for you.

The DuBois Book Store has been serving Cincinnati students, alumni and fans since 1955. They offer textbook reservations which allow you to save energy and time looking for your books during the hectic back to school time. They are ready for you when you arrive. You can also rent books online and, of course, they offer a huge selection of used and new textbooks to buy.

The Ohio Book Store, Inc. has been in business since 1940. They boast five floors with books of every subject. They help students find inexpensive textbooks and offer an immense selection of new and used textbooks. They also offer reference books, academic books and journals, and an enormous variety of classic literature. They have a 30-day money back guarantee and offer textbook rentals, as well.

The Cincinnati State Tech Bookstore is another store conveniently located on the Cincinnati state Technical and Community College campus. They offer free shipping on orders over $200.00 and have new and used textbooks available. They also have eBooks and book rental available.

There are many options available to buy your textbooks. Whatever your budget allows, shopping around will help you find the best deal and bargain you can find.