The Rotunda at the University of Virginia (Photo by Phil Roeder)

The University of Virginia, sometimes referred to as UVA, is located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, UVA is a public research university with just over 20,000 students. The school also has a very extensive library, offering over 5 millions volumes of books. Because research and academics are a top priority at UVA, it is critical for students to have the right textbooks. There are several places in Charlottesville where you can buy, sell, and even rent textbooks. Here are some options:

The official campus bookstore at the University of Virginia is The UVA Bookstore. It is unique in that it is a not-for-profit store. Located on the 4th floor of the Central Grounds Parking Garage at 400 Emmet Street South, the UVA Bookstore provides a top-notch selection of textbooks for students of all majors. The store prides itself on offering a larger selection of used textbooks for reasonable prices compared to other universities’ on-campus bookshops. In addition, a selection of Virginia Cavaliers gear is available here along with other accessories for all the UVA sports fans out there. The store also has a special buyback promotion where students can enter to win an Apple iPad, giving them another reason to shop here.

The Student Book Store is an independent bookseller geared toward University of Virginia students. Conveniently located right near campus at 1515 University Avenue, the Student Book Store is the place to shop for everything related to UVA textbooks and apparel. If you only want to have a book for the semester when you really need it, you can rent nearly every book sold here. Other items you may find are school-related photos and artwork, graduation items, as well as regular books and trade books. Official Under Armour gear is also available. Step off-campus for a change and shop at the Student Book Store.

Barnes & Noble is always a reliable place to find textbooks and an assortment of other books and items, including the store’s patented Nook reader. If digital versions of your textbooks are available, use the Nook to read them wherever you may be – and to save some extra space in your dorm room instead of piling up hardback textbooks. This Barnes & Noble is right across from Carruthers Hall on the UVA campus in the Barracks Road Shopping Center at 1035 Emmet Street, Suite A. Not only can you purchase a nice selection of books here, but you can also enjoy some peace and quiet for studying, especially when final exams roll around.

Blue Whale Books specializes in used books and is located at 115 Main Street West in Charlottesville. This bookstore buys and sells used books, including a variety of scholarly textbooks. You might be able to save some money by browsing the store’s unique selection if you are looking for textbooks that were published a few years ago. Other items include Antiquarian maps and rare books that you might not find anywhere else.