Virginia Tech campus (Photo by Ross Spoon)

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, commonly known as Virginia Tech, is a public land-grant university with its flagship campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. Established in 1872, Virginia Tech has an annual enrollment of over 30,000 students, the majority of which are undergraduates. Textbooks are clearly very important for all students at the school. Looking for places in Blacksburg to shop around for your books? You have several places to choose from. Here is some information on the local bookstores:

Virginia Tech University Bookstore is the main campus bookstore at Virginia Tech. It is situated right next to the Newman Library bus stop on campus. One cool service about this store is that it offers and online reservation service so that you can reserve your textbooks and then pick them up at the store when it’s convenient for you. So no more worries about going there and finding out that the store doesn’t have what you need in stock. The University Bookstore at VA Tech also sells a wide range of clothing and apparel for Tech students, in addition to some unique computer packages that allow students to either buy computers at student rates or even rent them for a specified period of time.

Volume Two Bookstore, which is a non-profit store owned and operated by the Virginia Tech, is an off-campus textbook provider at 801 University City Boulevard. As an off-campus outlet for books, Volume Two is a nice option to have for students wanting something different and perhaps a little less hectic. It is more a community-focused retailer with a wide selection of general books for the public, but it has all the textbooks students need as well, including those for undergraduate and graduate students. If you’re looking to step away from campus life for a bit, this bookstore is right up your alley. But even though it isn’t on campus, it is still run by the school.

Another choice near campus is Tech Bookstore, located at 118 South Main Street in the Downtown Blacksburg shopping district. This store offers plenty of new and used textbooks and allows students to sell back their books to the store for a competitive rate. Additional items available are Hokies gear for the sports fanatic, school supplies for students, computer software, and other gifts perfect for birthdays or the holidays. Tech Bookstore is a smart option if you’re looking to save some money, which is always a priority for college students.