Searching for Textbooks on Craigslist

When you are looking for the cheapest textbooks, the first place you should search is the website On this website, you can easily check textbook prices at 30+ merchants with one simple search and compare prices for used, new, and rental textbooks. The website will sort the available books by lowest price including shipping so you can quickly identify the best deal. You also are presented with any available coupon codes for additional discounts.

Beyond the internet, students can also look for textbooks on campus cork boards /advertising boards in common areas. Most universities have these free ad boards that allow students to post whatever they want, and oftentimes students post lists of used textbooks they are willing to sell cheaply. It’s as simple as sending an email or calling the listed phone number to get in touch with the seller and decide when and where to meet up on campus in a safe spot to exchange the cash and textbooks.

A third place to search for cheap textbooks is classified websites, such as facebook marketplace or your local craigslist. These have special sections for books so you can easily search around and find what you need. You need to be extra careful when buying anything off craigslist, as there are many scams out there. Always meet in a safe, public location and exercise caution when exchanging cash for textbooks.