For all college students around the world tuition fees is the scaring factor. They are supposed to pay various fees and taxes to continue with the education they need to survive in this modern society. What most do not realize is the fact that the textbooks they are supposed to use may even be a bigger burden. The textbook prices are continuously rising and have become a concern since some basic college textbooks will cost more than $100 each. This is a difficult task for students who are already struggling to meet the fees requirements of the current education system.

Many faculty chairmen and students have made efforts to push the reduction of the cost of basic college textbooks but all they get are explanations and promises that never come to reality. The responsible officials have failed to come up with decent solutions to reduce the rising prices and take care of the crisis. Faculty chairmen have explained that the largest part of the blame is held by publishers, while on the other hand publishers claim that faculty members are always demanding new versions of study materials that are expensive. Government officials have therefore concluded that the truth lies between these two parties.

The industry responsible for publishing higher education study materials claims that there is a great need of keeping the material reviewed and updated to meet the requirements that are imposed by most faculties. They claim that the market prices are competitive in different markets. The modern education system is moving in a rather fast pace with technology following quite fast. This has resulted in the need to modernize and improve the materials used in studying and in teaching students. This is in efforts to take away the students mind from the less educative study materials with more interesting graphics that the internet offers.

College textbook publishers defend themselves by stating that the new books include latest information and teaching techniques. This applies to all disciplines and subjects including the subjects viewed as being stable such as history and geography. The editors claim that the teaching fraternity should limit the amount of information required in new editions by doing away with unnecessary information. The inclusion of a lot of new information that is not all relevant is one reason why the revision of college textbooks is expensive. The expenses are transferred to the students pocket and the prices keep on rising.

Another major reason is the fact that today’s textbooks have both teaching and learning materials. If the teaching materials could be published separately it would take a great load of the student’s back. All the involved parties should be part of the solution to make sure that the prices are reasonable and the quality of the textbooks is not compromised.