University of Kentucky campus (Photo by Briles)

The University of Kentucky, sometimes abbreviated UK, is the largest public university in the state of Kentucky. Based in Lexington, it was founded in 1865 and has one of the top-rated men’s basketball programs in the country. There are several college textbook stores on campus and in the Lexington area where Kentucky students can pick up new and used books for their classes. Here is some information on them:

The official campus bookstore at UK is the University of Kentucky Bookstore at 100 Student Center Annex in the heart of campus. This store sells every book students could possibly need for their courses, and if books aren’t in stock at the store location, they can be ordered and shipped to the store. Digital textbooks are available here, which make it convenient for some students to read their books on their laptops wherever they are. Other items include Wildcats gear for the whole family, select hardware and software at discounted rates, as well as other school supplies. You can register your e-mail address with the store to receive additional discounts and offers.

Another great bookseller is the Kennedy Book Store. Conveniently located at 405 South Limestone Street, this store has a huge collection of new and used textbooks with one of the biggest collections of used books in town. You can also find all kinds of test prep guides, study aids, and handbooks for certain classes to help supplement your textbooks. The store will buy back used books any day of the week, unlike some stores that will only do so during certain timeframes. Along with the books, you can find DVD’s, computer software, Wildcats merchandise, and so much more at the Kennedy Book Store.

Wildcat Textbooks is a locally owned and operated store on South Limestone Street right along the edge of the UK campus. The store employs current and former students from Kentucky, which means it is always plugged in to what is going on at the school. The store prides itself on trying to offer the lowest prices on used textbooks. You can also find an assortment of Russell brand items, souvenirs, Wildcats clothing and gear, as well as school supplies like notebooks and calculators. The store doesn’t claim to be fancy but focuses solely on giving students the best deals possible. Book rentals are also available.

The Center Court Bookstore sells books both online, hence its name, and at a store location, 535 South Upper Street, Suite 155. This store sells new and used books as well as rental options at low prices to help save students money. You can also go to the store’s Facebook page to get exclusive discounts.