Downtown Louisville textbooks - Photo by dprevite

There are numerous local textbook stores that serve the University of Louisville. An important necessity when going to college is to have the textbooks needed for your classes.

The University of Louisville Official Campus Bookstore is a store that you can get your textbooks at. When you are looking for the textbooks for your classes, they can help you. In letting them know what courses you are taking, they can pick out the books that you’ll need. Along with selling textbooks, this store also has University of Louisville apparel and other supplies that you will need for school.

Neebo the University of Louisville College Book Warehouse has the textbooks that you will need. You can rent, buy and even sell textbooks in store or online. They are one of the largest suppliers of texts in the nation. Neebo has been selling books since 1915. With this experience, they understand how important it is to get your books at the lowest possible price. They guarantee that you will not find a rental cheaper within the area. If you do, they will match the price.

Gray’s College Bookstore is another store that carries the textbooks needed for the University of Louisville. You are able to get all of the textbooks needed along with U of L apparel, jewelry, and school supplies.

A great fourth option for buying Louisville textbooks is Craigslist. The local Craigslist book section has tons of used textbooks for sale. Just be careful to meet in a public place and don’t get scammed!

With all of the choices that you have for textbooks that you will need while attending the University of Louisville, you should have no problem finding the books you need at a price you can afford. You can also purchase some apparel to show your school pride or finish up your school shopping by purchasing supplies.