The LSU football stadium (Photo by Shoshanah)

Louisiana State University, more commonly known as LSU, is a major public university in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The school was officially established in 1860 and now enrolls over 28,000 students each academic year. LSU’s athletic teams are known as the Tigers. Textbook stores are readily available both on campus and around the local area for LSU students. Here is some information on some of the best stores to check out:
The LSU Official Campus Bookstore is the main provider of textbooks for LSU students. This store works closely with faculty to ensure that students are receiving the correct materials for their classes, which is something other bookstores can’t always guarantee. In addition, this store will buy back books for a full refund if you should drop a class before the add/drop period ends. Other merchandise available here includes a line of Nike apparel, Tigers gear for the LSU sports fan, technology items like hardware and software at discounted prices, and souvenirs that can be given as gifts. The bookstore is in the center of campus at 110 Union Building.

Co-Op Bookstore in Baton Rouge is a family owned and operated bookstore that has served LSU students and the local parishes since 1933. Located in the South Gate Village Shopping Center at 3960 Burbank Drive, the store is in a convenient spot for LSU students to visit. It has a great reputation and carries a large inventory of new and used books at competitive prices. The store also specializes in art supplies for the LSU’s many art students. School supplies can are available, too. You can shop in the store or buy just about everything they sell online. LSU fans will have a field day with all the apparel you can find here as well.

Chimes Textbook Exchange at 268 West Chimes Street is a nice local textbook provider and exchange company in Baton Rouge. If you have books piling up from semesters gone by that you want to get rid of, check out this store to exchange your books for new textbooks. You can also order books online ahead of time to beat the rush and then pick them up at the store for no additional charge.

Textbook Rentals at 5521 Florida Boulevard in Baton Rouge offers a variety of rental options for college students looking to save money on their textbooks. Since you likely won’t need to keep your books after you pass your classes, why not consider renting them? You can save a ton of money. This store is perfect for the college student looking to save big bucks.