The Mississippi State University campus in Starkville (Photo by Natalie Maynor)

Mississippi State University is a rural public university based in Starkville, Mississippi. The school enrolls over 21,000 students each year. Its athletic programs compete in the Southeastern Conference, and the school’s teams are known as the Bulldogs, with Bully being the official mascot. Like most large universities, students who go to Mississippi State need options when it comes to buying textbooks. Here is some information on several textbooks stores in and around campus:

Barnes & Noble at Mississippi State University is the official campus textbooks supplier at MSU. It’s located in the Cullis Wade Depot at 75 B.S. Hood Drive. The store’s inventory includes every book that students could possibly need along with course materials like study aids and handbooks to help supplement student’s regular textbooks. Another option is to buy e-books, and the store has thousands of them available for purchase or download through its website. You can save some money by purchasing these digital textbooks. There is a wide array of Bulldogs apparel and gifts along with computer software at discounted rates. The bookstore partners with other local businesses to provide students with special discounts and offers. Stop by the store for more info on this.

An off-campus option for textbooks is Campus Book Mart. This store is still close by the campus at 318 East Lee Boulevard right across from the Baptist Student Union. If you prefer shopping at stores that might offer some different options, the Campus Book Mart is the place for you. The store sells new and used textbooks and has an online search engine to find exactly what you need for your specific class schedule. Other merchandise includes a ton of MSU Bulldogs gear for sports fans as well as accessories and school supplies to make sure you have what you need when classes start. Most items from the store can be purchased online.

Campus Bookstore serves several different universities and has a location for Mississippi State students. Its store at 612 Highway 12 East is stocked with new and used books for students in every academic discipline. You can go on the store’s website, enter your course information, and immediately pull up your course materials. One great option with this store is that you can reserve your textbooks to ensure that you get them when you need them. Buying books can be stressful, so do it early and you won’t have to worry. They will even pay you cash right on the spot for your old books.

Bully’s Textbook Exchange at 414 Highway 17 East is a great option if you have a bunch of books you want to trade in for new ones. The store stocks a big selection of used books and strives to offer the lowest prices on books for MSU students. They also have a rewards card program so you can receive discounts on future purchases when you make your initial purchase.