The Health Center at the University of Nebraska (Photo by Richie Graham)

The University of Nebraska is a public research university based in Lincoln, Nebraska. The school was founded in 1869 and is the oldest such university in the state. It enrolls over 24,000 students per year, the vast majority of which are undergraduates. Nebraska’s athletic teams are known as the Cornhuskers as they represent the rural farming culture of the area. Students at Nebraska have several options to shop when purchasing textbooks. Here is some info on each of these options:

The University of Nebraska Bookstore is the official campus bookstore at the university. It’s at 1500 South Street right on campus for the convenience of students. This bookstore sells new and used textbooks at reasonable prices and guarantees that students will be getting the exact materials they are in need of each semester. The store also offers rental options that can help students save money by renting their books instead of buying them for good. Other items available include discounted software up to 85% off the commercial list prices. In addition, plenty of Cornhuskers gear is in stock along with school supplies like folders, binders, backpacks, and more.

The Nebraska Bookstore at 1300 Q Street is another on-campus bookstore offering a variety of new and used textbooks for students. This second campus bookstore has a little more selection in terms of used books to help students save some money. It also offers rental programs so you can rent your books and save even more that way. Like other campus stores, it offers tons of gear to get you in the school spirit and to help you support the Cornhuskers.

A Novel Idea Bookstore at 118 North 14th Street is a great bookstore just blocks from the University of Nebraska campus. This store has such a wide variety of books that does include scholarly and academic textbooks. The store primarily focuses on used and out-of-print books, but if you need some books that may be a few years old, this store will do its best to find them for you. They also sell general titles and support various book clubs. Plus they have two store cats who make the store home and provide a comfortable atmosphere for all customers.

Barnes & Noble has a location in downtown Lincoln at 5150 O Street. Everyone recognizes the B&N name because of the store’s great reputation of providing quality books and a wide selection. This store sells all kinds of books including textbooks for students in all majors at Nebraska. The great thing about B&N is that you can order books in their store or online to be shipped right to you. They also sell the Nook e-reader so you can read your digital e-books at your convenience. Most e-books also cost less than the regular hardbacks, so if you buy an e-book online, you can use this reader to read it and study wherever you may be.