The Ohio State University campus (Photo by Stephen Wolfe)

The Ohio State University (OSU) is a publicl research university based in Columbus, Ohio. The school has over 50,000 students on its main campus and has the third-largest campus for a university in the United States. Founded in 1870, the school’s athletic teams are called the Buckeyes and compete in the Big Ten conference. If you’re looking for textbooks for your Ohio State classes, here are some places to check where you can find some great deals on new and used books:

Barnes & Noble at The Ohio State University is the primary campus bookstore at OSU. It’s at 1598 North High Street in Columbus. B&N works directly with the faculty at the school to ensure that students are aware of which specific materials they ened before classes start. The store has a huge inventory of new and used textbooks. This also includes a textbook rental option that saves students lots of money. Buckeyes apparel and sportswear are also in stock along with discounted computer software and a variety of school supplies.

Buckeye Books at 2060 North High Street is another convenient option for buying textbooks right in the heart of Columbus. This independent bookshop provides a nice selection of discounted books by selling them gently used. They also supply plenty of lab manuals, study guides, and other materials that could come in handy for students to help them in their classes. The store offers online ordering and shipping, and you can even track your order to be sure you get it in time. Buckeye Books is also a major hub for Buckeyes apparel for OSU students, alumni, and fans alike.

College Town Books at 1770 North High Street is a great place to rent your textbooks. The store stresses that there is no fine print when it comes to how much money you can save by renting books. They buy and sell new and used books as well.

Student Book Exchange at 1806 North High Street is a convenient spot right along one of the main drags into campus. You can exchange the books you used for the classes you passed for books you’ll need to have for your upcoming classes. They will also buy back certain books for reasonable prices and sell new and used books also. In addition, SBE has a full line of Buckeyes clothing and gifts for the true OSU fan.

UBX Book Exchange at 10 East 15th Avenue strives to provide the cheapest prices on college textbooks in all of Columbus. The store will buy, sell, and exchange both new and used books. You can order books oline or buy them in-store depending on when you want to get them. Online ordering can help you avoid the mad rush. They also offer a variety of graduation items if your big day in your cap and gown is coming up.