The University of Texas campus in Austin (Photo by Jeff Gunn)

The University of Texas in Austin, Texas is one of the largest universities in the United States. The school has over 50,000 students and more than 16,000 faculty and staff. It was originally founded in 1883 and is commonly abbreviated as UT. It is located right near the Texas State Capitol. Large campuses like UT mean that it’s important to have choices when it comes to buying your textbooks. The campus and city of Austin offer a variety of places for books. Here is some information on local bookstores:

The University Co-Op is the University of Texas’ official campus bookstore. The store sells new and used textbooks and offers a unique online feature for students looking to sell their used books. The used book classifieds provide students with information via e-mail on which books are available used that other students are selling. You can sign up for this through the store’s website. Rebates and buybacks from the store on used books are also options. If you want to support the Longhorns, almost anything imaginable is available here, such as clothing for all sizes and even pet supplies to give your dog a chance to show off his support for the school’s teams. If you are looking for publishing services, the University Co-Op can also help you out with custom publishing of thesis papers and books.

West Campus Books is a popular destination right in the heart of Austin if you are looking to buy used textbooks. This bookstore, which was started up by students and always keeps its student customers in mind, has an incredible selection of used textbooks for Texas students in all majors and at all educational levels. The store also provides free shipping and delivery of your books right to wherever you are living. You can rent books, buy them new, or browse some of the cheapest used books at the store. Saving money is the main priority of West Campus Books, and in today’s world of rising costs for education, it is the perfect place to go in Austin to save money.

The Longhorn Book Exchange is an online book exchange site specifically serving University of Texas students. Although the book exchange does not have an official location in Austin, the site is very convenient for students looking to buy used textbooks or exchange the books they have for other books that they need. All you have to do is sign up for an account and start browsing the selection of books online. The beauty of this company is that it allows you to connect with students at your school who have already taken classes you may need to take and therefore have the exact course materials you need.

Half Price Books is another great place to check for very inexpensive textbooks, novels, and other reading materials. The store currently has a special going on where you can receive a free calendar with a $30 purchase. This store is located at 2929 South Lamar Boulevard in Austin and has a few other locations in surrounding areas. So no matter where you live in Austin, there should be a Half Price Books store convenient for you.