The UConn Co-op is among one of the largest bookstores, located on the University of Connecticut campus. They also have book stores located at other campuses throughout Connecticut. These bookstores are located in Avery Point, Stamford, Torrington, Waterbury, as well as in West Hartford, Connecticut. Also available at these five other campus locations are the rental book depository, where a student may rent their books. Another option for the college bound student is they can buy used or new textbooks and then sell them back to the bookstore. At the end of each semester, students may get reimbursed for some of their book expenses with the buyback program that the bookstores offer as well.

The Southern Connecticut State University bookstore also offers a variety of rental books and digital books geared towards the college bound student. There are textbooks located at this University that are also rented or formatted in an eBook, which will work both on a PC or a Mac computer. EBooks are another economical way to get college textbooks without spending a fortune. A student can also enter their book information into the website and check to see if the book they need is sold or rented at this location.

Book Bower is located at Main Street Market in Middletown, Connective with over 20,000 books with a wide variety of academic and professional reference books geared towards the collegiate scholar. Opened in the summer of 2008, the Book Bower book store has on hand quality new and used books as well as carrying many book CDs for sale and trade. They also have a computerized inventory to serve the college students needs.

Follett Corporation is a family-owned operation with over 700 stores and is the largest operation of college bookstores in North America. serves more than 1,000 campuses nationwide. Their mission is to promote and support higher education by being the preeminent provider of academic and collegiate products and services.

The Connecticut College Bookshop located at 270 Mohegan Avenue in New London, Connecticut also offers a wide variety of college textbooks, both digitally formatted and in hard copies. This bookshop has two locations. One is on campus in “Cro,” the College Center at Crozier Williams. There is also an online location to purchase used and new textbooks as well.

There are many online textbook sites that offer books at reasonable prices. A few websites that college bound students could check for reasonably priced textbooks for college are websites like,, and a host of other websites students can search for books needed for college that will not cost a bundle.