The Bowling Green State University campus (Photo by America's Power)

Bowling Green State University is a large public research university based in Bowling Green, Ohio, about 20 miles south of Toledo. The school was founded in 1910. It currently has an annual student enrollment of about 20,000. Most BGSU students are undergraduates. Bowling Green students know the importance of being prepared for their classes at the beginning of each semester. This means having the right textbooks. The following stores are the best places to shop for books in the local area:

The official campus bookstore at Bowling Green is the BGSU Bookstore. Located in the heart of campus, this store provides an extensive inventory that includes both new and used textbook options. The staff here knows how expensive books can be, so they try to make their books as affordable as possible and will work directly with you to ensure you get what you need for a reasonable price. They also sell lots of Bowling Green Falcons apparel for students and fans of all ages. In addition, their technology solutions are great for students looking to invest in a new computer or get some new software. Parking is convenient here as well. The bookstore has served the BGSU campus for over 75 years.

Beat The Bookstore has a location in Bowling Green at 902 East Wooster Street. As a company that serves multiple schools nationwide, BTB does its best to “beat” the prices of other campus bookstores by offering the lowest prices on new and used textbooks. Buying textbooks that are gently used is a very smart practice, and you will likely find more used books here than you will at most other bookstores. BTB is another good reason to check off-campus for your books to compare prices and see if you can find the materials you need for less.

Student Book Exchange at 530 East Wooster Street is another good bookstore to visit to compare prices on textbooks. SBX also serves Owens Community College students. This store offers lots of inexpensive options on textbooks. You can buy them new or used, and you can reserve books online to make sure you get them when you want. Plus there are tons of rental options on lots of books. The store also carries graduation items, school supplies, and Falcons gear. They run special promotions during the back-to-school periods as well to help students save even more cash.

ABC Book Buyers at 724 Wallace Avenue in downtown Bowling Green buys back lots of books and then sells them for low prices. ABC might just have the textbooks you need. At the very least, they will likely buy back some of your books so you can use that money to buy new books and make more room in your closet. Stop in to see what they have or call them at 419-352-5079 to see if they’ll buy back the books you want to unload.