The University of Memphis (Photo by Brandon Buckner)

The University of Memphis is a major public university in Memphis, Tennessee. The school was founded in 1912 and currently enrolls over 23,000 students each year. The university’s athletic teams are known as the Tigers. When Memphis students need to buy textbooks for their classes, they have a few options. The following information includes details on where to find the best bargains and get the most bang for your buck:

The University Bookstore is an official textbook supplier of the University of Memphis. It’s location is at 506 University Street, situated in an easily accessible spot for all students on campus. The store has a broad selection of textbooks for students in all majors. Their rental program makes it easy and cheap to get your books by renting them for the semester. Digital textbooks in a variety of subject areas are available as well, which are cheaper than the hardcover versions. They also carry lots of Tigers team apparel, including hats, sweatshirts, polo shirts, and even ties. Their selection of hardware and software is priced so it is affordable for students who present a valid student ID.

Tiger Bookstore at 3533 Walker Avenue is a local textbook store that has served the University of Memphis community since 1964. The store has a great reputation for helping students find the course materials they need each semester and selling these products at some of the most reasonable prices in town. The store’s website makes it easy to find your books by simply entering your course information and then getting a list of materials. The store’s name is proud to support the Tigers athletic teams, and it does so quite well with a huge selection of Tigers apparel. Other items available are certain software programs, electronics, school supplies, and more. One cool thing about Tiger Bookstore is that they have contests each semester where they give away free books to lucky students. Find out more about this by stopping in to the store.

Textbook Brokers is a chain of stores serving various college campuses around the United States. They have two locations in Memphis, one at 3566 Walker Avenue and another store at 1266 Sycamore View Road. TBB works closely with students to ensure they get the correct books and supplements for their courses. They will also buy back textbooks at decent rates. Plus they offer contests throughout the year that give students chances to win free books as well as other school supplies and prizes like iPads.

Book Traders is a great bookshop in downtown Memphis at 6112 Quince Road. The store specializes in trading books among customers. They have tons of discounted used books available and might just have the books you need for your classes. Even if they don’t have books in stock, the staff will gladly take your contact information and let you know if they come across textbooks in the future.