Navy Midshipmen (Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery)

The United States Naval Academy, more commonly known as Navy, is a service academy based out of Annapolis, Maryland. Navy enrolls about 4,400 students annually in its undergraduate program and was founded in 1845. Navy’s athletic teams are called the Midshipmen. Because this academy is smaller than other universities, there aren’t quite as many options to find textbooks. But here are a few places to check out in and around Annapolis:

USNA Textbooks is the official on-campus textbook provider for Naval Academy students. It is housed in Room 5B02 of the Bancroft Hall 5th Wing basement. The store has access to every book students will need for their classes. They sell books new or in a gently used condition at the lowest prices possible. The staff at the store will work closely with you to ensure you walk out with the materials you are required to have. They also sell various leadership books to help students improve their leadership skills and reach their ultimate goal of graduating from the Naval Academy and enlisting in the service.

The Annapolis Bookstore at 35 Maryland Avenue is a comprehensive bookseller with all kinds of new, used, and rare books. Their selection primarily includes maritime and sailing texts, but you will also find a whole section devoted to college textbooks that could be used by Navy students or St. John’s students. The fact that the store predominantly deals with used books means customers have a  good opportunity to save money when shopping here. The store also sells gifts and hosts a variety of events within the Annapolis community.

Barnes & Noble at 2516 Solomon Road in downtown Annapolis is another great store to visit for books and other handy items. B&N makes it a priority to have as many books in stock as possible, which does include a selection of textbooks. You will find even more textbooks by ordering them through the store’s website, and this will allow you to compare prices more easily. Open seven days a week, B&N also sells the Nook e-reader, which is a fantastic item for college students. Other school supplies are available as well.

Back Creek Booksat 45 West Street is a bookstore that specializes in selling naval and military books. They may not have all the textbooks you need, but you are sure to find some handy materials by shopping here specifically geared to the topics Navy students are studying. They also have a nice selection of other general titles and various supplies as well.