Ohio University campus in Athens (Photo by Pacdog)

Ohio University is a large public university in Athens, Ohio. Originally established in 1804, the school is the ninth-oldest public university in the United States. Ohio’s athletic teams are known as the Bobcats. Students who attend Ohio University understand the importance of finding reasonably priced textbooks. The following stores are good places to check when it is time to buy textbooks and school supplies:

The main campus bookstore at Ohio University is Logan’s University Bookstore. It’s located at 63 South Court Street. This bookstore works directly with Ohio faculty and professors as this process ensures students receive the appropriate materials for their classes. You will find new, used, and rental books here. It’s a great idea to rent your books if you can because this will save you the most money and will get the books off your back when you’re done with them. Lots of Bobcats gear is also for sale, in addition to discounted computer software for students. School supplies are available as well. The store is open seven days a week.

A great independent bookstore to check out is College Bookstore at 50 South Court Street just down the road from the Athens campus. This store has proudly served Ohio University since 1952 and has a great reputation for offering low prices on items and plenty of textbook options for students. The store sells new books, used books, and has a special reservation program. This program enables students to reserve their books to make sure they get them before other students snatch them up. There is also a rental option on a number of titles. The store also sells graduation items, school supplies, and Bobcats apparel. In addition, the store’s Facebook page has special contests to win free items.

Specialty Books at 5 North Court Street is also a good store to visit for your textbook needs. You can buy, rent, or sell your textbooks here and get a reasonable rate on buybacks. Conveniently located near campus, the store also has a full stock of school supplies and college gear for students. Bobcats sportswear and souvenir items are for sale, too.

Finally, Athens Book Center at 74 East State Street is a very good bookstore that offers a variety of books. They sell new books but tend to have a larger inventory of used books, which contains thousands of titles under many genres. Even if they don’t have the books you need on their shelves, they will work with other book dealers to order them and have them shipped to the store for pickup.  It’s always a good idea to support the local stores, and this is definitely a local place of business worth visiting.