The SMU campus (Photo by Daniel Lobo)

Southern Methodist University, oftentimes abbreviated as SMU, is a private university based out of Dallas, Texas. The school was originally established in 1911 by the Methodist Episcopal Church. It currently enrolls about 12,000 students, most of which are undergraduates. Students at SMU have a few options when buying their course materials. Here are some places students should check out on campus and in the Dallas area to get the best deals on books:

The Southern Methodist University Bookstore at 3060 Mockingbird Lane right on campus is SMU’s official campus bookstore. This store sells every book SMU students need. Their variety of new and used books is extensive, meaning you should have a choice on what kind of book you want to buy and how much you want to pay for it. This store has special policies in place to ensure that students can get a full refund on their items if they drop a class before the add/drop period is up. They also have a nice selection of thousands of e-books, which offer more convenience to students who want to read their books wherever they go. The bookstore has a large stock of SMU Mustangs apparel, in addition to computer software and hardware items discounted for SMU students. When you shop here, you know you are getting exactly what you need for your classes.

The Book Dudes is a chain of college textbook stores that serves multiple schools around the country. The beauty behind this company is that it is run by students, which means you won’t have to deal with the frustrations of other stores because you’re dealing with students who are like you and understand your needs. The store, which was originally run out of a student’s dorm room, has a location for SMU students in downtown Dallas at 3611 Asbury Street. They will buy back any textbook that you bring in, as long as it’s in a usable condition for another student. SMU students can also save on the books they buy here because it is the goal of the store’s staff to beat the prices at other stores.

Half Price Books is a great place for students to shop because of how inexpensive their books are. They have a location at 5803 East Northwest Highway in Dallas. The store claims to sell books up to 90% off from other bookstore prices, so you could literally walk out of the store with a handful of books and enough money to buy dinner for a week! They are committed to selling their books at the lowest prices, and they also buy back a wide array of books.

Barnes & Noble has a great name and reputation for serving customers well. There is a B&N in Dallas at 7700 West Northwest Highway, #300. The store carries books of all genres as well as a nice selection of academic books, materials, and supplies. B&N’s Nook e-reader is a fantastic option for students who are always on the go. In addition, they have lots of other items that might come in handy for a dorm room.