Tulane Medical Center at Tulane University (Photo by Tulane Public Relations)

Tulane University is a large private university in New Orleans, Louisiana. The school was originally established in 1834 as a small medical college but later expanded into a full-fledged university. Tulane currently enrolls over 13,000 students each academic year. Students know how important it is to have the right textbooks and to look around for the best deals on them. The following stores are good places to look if you are a Tulane student buying textbooks:

The official bookstore at the school is the Tulane University Bookstore. Because the staff at this store works directly with Tulane faculty and staff, students can be certain that the textbook list they receive for their classes can be fulfilled by shopping at this bookstore. Check off all of the books and course materials on your list, and get options on buying books used or renting them. Used books can save you up to 25% off the regular price, while renting books can mean up to half off. Even better, buying e-books can save you up to 60% off. Not all books are available in this format, but there are thousands, so chances are good one of yours might be in the e-book format. This store sells lots of Tulane Green Wave athletic apparel as well as other souvenirs, gift items, school supplies, and computer software.

Chimes Textbook Exchange is a local textbook outlet with two locations in the city of New Orleans. One is at 618 City Park Avenue, and the other sits at 6600 Franklin Avenue, Suite B3. The stores each sell tons of new and used college textbooks for students at the various colleges and universities throughout the New Orleans area. They strive to have some of the cheapest textbooks available that you will find anywhere. They also buy back old textbooks for top dollar and offer rental options on a number of textbooks. Save up to 60% off the list price of a book by renting it. This store is almost guaranteed to save you money.

Barnes & Noble is always a good option to go with for textbooks, school supplies, and for all books in general. There is a B&N location in downtown New Orleans at 31 McAllister Drive. The store is fully stocked with items students need, including a selection of academic books plus the Nook e-reader. The Nook makes it convenient to read your books and study in any location.