The University of Houston campus (Photo by Kendra Harris)

The University of Houston is a large state university located in the southeast part of Houston, Texas. The school enrolls close to 40,000 students per year and is actually the third-largest university in Texas. Its athletic teams are called the Cougars. In terms of textbooks, UH students have several outlets to buy their textbooks and save some money. Here are some of those places on and around campus:

The UH Main Campus Bookstore at 4800 Calhoun Road is your official source for University of Houston textbooks. This store sells a slew of new and used books for students in every course at the school. They also offer great rental options that really are smart to consider because of how much can be saved by renting your books. This store sells lots of Cougars apparel as well along with software and hardware choices at vastly reduced prices for UH students who present a school ID. Their Nike shop includes a full line of name-brand Nike merchandise. In addition, the store partners with other local vendors to save students even more money through special offers.

Half Price Books at 2537 University Boulevard in downtown Houston is a convenient spot for UH students to shop. Many students believe this bookstore has some of the best prices on textbooks, and on occasion, you will find sued books cheaper here than even online. The name of the store is really true as many of their inventory are half the price of the actual retail prices of books if purchased new. You can also sell your used books to the store and walk out with a decent amount of cash. Plus there are gift cards available if you’re looking to give a useful gift to a student.

Textbook Brokers is another place in Houston to check for textbooks. They have a store at 4835 Calhoun Boulevard, Suite B. Textbook Brokers sells new and used college textbooks and offers some of the best rates for book buybacks. If you are looking to unload some of your old books and make room for the ones you really need now, bring in your old books and get cash right on the spot. The store’s website also offers free shipping on all textbook orders.

Barnes & Noble has a location at 3003 West Holcombe Boulevard in Houston’s Vanderbilt Square. They sell books of all kinds, including college textbooks and other materials that would help students succeed in their classes. B&N also has the Nook e-reader, so if you have some of your books in digital form, it would make it very convenient to use your e-reader to read them wherever you are. The store sells lots of gifts and school supplies, too.