Downtown Boise, home of Boise State University (Photo by Sara Ewen)

Boise State University is a major public university with its campus located in Boise, Idaho. Originally established as a junior college in 1932, Boise State now has a student population of about 20,000. Boise’s athletic teams are known as the Broncos. When it comes to textbooks, Boise State students have a few options. Here are the best places top shop for books on campus and around the local area:

The Boise State Bookstore is the official campus bookstore serving university students, faculty, and alumni. It is located at 1700 University Drive close to the center of campus, making it convenient for students who live on campus to shop here. The great thing about this bookstore is that it puts its profits toward funding student scholarships. This means students know they are spending money on materials they need but that their money is going toward a good cause. The store offers a wide variety of textbooks that are both new and used for students of all majors. The store will also buy back a number of books for a fair price. Plus they have a line of Apple products at discounted prices to help students who are on tight budgets. In addition, just about every kind of Broncos gear can be purchased here.

Textbook Exchange is another fantastic store that helps college students save money on their books. Serving three different universities in Idaho for over 10 years, they have a location in downtown Boise at 1265 South Capitol Boulevard, #101. Textbook Exchange may sound like they primarily exchange textbooks, but they have all kinds of other options on getting your books. You can buy them new, buy them used, or rent them to save up to 60% off the list price. They will also buy back various textbooks at certain times throughout the year, typically at the end of each semester. To make sure they have your books in stock, just visit their website and search for books. The store was founded by students who recognize how expensive books can be, so you know you’ll be getting a good deal by shopping at Textbook Exchange.

Hyde Park Books at 1507 North 13th Street is a unique local bookstore in downtown Boise. Hyde Park has a tremendous collection of new and used books in all subject areas. There are sure to be books on the shelves that students can use for their classes or simply buy for a nice leisure read. They also sell magazines and other reading materials. The prices here are very reasonable, which is another perk for college students. In addition, they host cool events throughout the year related to reading and writing. It is definitely worth checking out this store.

Barnes & Noble is always a reliable place to shop for books. There is a location at 1315 North Milwaukee Street. This store sells all kinds of books and supplies, including the Nook e-reader that is great for students who have digital textbooks and want a portable option for reading them. New and used academic books are for sale here plus some Broncos apparel and other items that students might need.