The FAU campus (Photo by Joelk75)

Florida Atlantic University, commonly abbreviated as FAU, is a public university on Florida’s east coast in Boca Raton. The school is much newer than other large universities its size as it was founded in 1961. FAU’s current student enrollment is just under 30,000. The sports teams at FAU are called the Owls. In terms of textbooks, Florida Atlantic students have a few stores to check out for the best deals on books. Here are those stores:

The official bookstore at Florida Atlantic is the FAU Boca Raton Campus Bookstore is located in the heart of campus at 777 Glades Road – a convenient walk from almost anywhere on campus. This bookstore supplies every textbook, study aid, and reference manual students are required or recommended to have for their classes, no matter which academic degree they are pursuing. There are new and used textbooks for sale, and the used books tend to be much cheaper than the new ones. Even better, you can save up to 50% by renting textbooks and get up to 60% off by going with digital textbooks. The store also has a full line of HP computers and software at reduced prices for students. In addition, FAU Owls apparel, clothing, and gifts are available, as well as lots of school supplies like backpacks, binders, and pens. When you shop here, you can be assured that the items in your bag will be the exact ones you need on the first day of classes.

A great off-campus textbook outlet is Booksmart. Located at 670 Glades Road, Booksmart is fully stocked with some of the cheapest textbooks in town. Their stock primarily consists of used books at fantastic prices, and all of their books are in decent condition so that you get a great deal on a book that is very usable. Other items available include school supplies, lab gear for students in science courses, test prep books, and Owls clothing. Open Monday through Friday, this store has been family owned and operated since 1992 and has a great reputation for helping students save money on all of their textbooks.

Bookwise at 399 Northeast Spanish River Boulevard is a store owned by the same family that owns Booksmart. Although Bookwise is geared toward more general books, the store does carry a wide variety of nonfiction and academic books, including titles on history, psychology, math, and art. Most books here are used as well, ensuring great prices for students on small budgets. If Booksmart doesn’t have the books you need, give Bookwise a call at 561-347-6455 to see if their shelves are stocked with any of the books you need.

Barnes & Noble has been a reputable source of academic books for years. There is a B&N in downtown Boca Raton close to the FAU campus at 400 Glades Road. The B&N online store is another great resource for cheap textbooks, making it easy to compare prices by looking online before actually going to the store. In addition, to B&N’s tremendous selection of academic and general titles, you will also find the popular Nook e-reader here.