The Willis Library at UNT (Photo by Kurt Nordstrom)

The University of North Texas (UNT) is a large public research educational institution in Denton, Texas. North Texas was founded in 1890 and has over 36,000 students enrolled in courses each academic year. The official school colors are green and white, and the UNT athletic teams are called the Mean Green. Students at the university have a few options on where to purchase their textbooks. Here are the best places to look:

The UNT Bookstore is the official textbook supplier of the University of North Texas. Housed inside the University Union at 1155 Union Circle, the UNT Bookstore sells every required and recommended textbook for students at all academic levels. This store is big on renting textbooks, so you will likely find at least some of your books available for rent. This means big savings. You can also buy books new or used and get digital textbooks, which are also priced significantly lower than the regular hardbacks or paperbacks. A wide selection of general books is on sale as well. Additionally, you will find a huge supply of UNT Mean Green apparel, such as t-shirts, hats, footballs, and even ties. The store offers select computer software titles priced at educational discounts. Most of the items available in the store are also for sale online.

Voertman’s Bookstore at 1314 West Hickory Street is a good off-campus bookstore for students to look for books and other course supplies. The prices at this store tend to run lower than at other campus bookstores. Voertman’s sells new, used, and rental college textbooks. Other items for sale include course supplements like study guides, reference manuals, and workbooks. In addition, there are numerous textbooks available for rent. You can also buy lots of Mean Green gear to show your support for the UNT athletic teams. This store is conveniently located just down the road from the UNT campus, so don’t’ worry about spending lots of money on gas to get here because you won’t need it.

Campus Bookstore, also known as CBS, is another excellent place to shop for textbooks in Denton. It’s located at 103 Avenue A. CBS sells new and used books at great prices. Even the store’s new textbooks almost always beat the prices of the competition. The store also pays cash for used textbooks on the spot, even if your books are several years old. Other bookstores typically buy books back that are within a certain timeframe of the sellback date. You can reserve your books for free, and the store will work with you personally on any special orders or needs you may have.

Finally, Eagle Textbooks is a smaller yet very inexpensive bookstore at 1031 West Prairie Street in Denton. This bookstore serves students who attend local colleges around the Denton area, and you will find lots of books here for your classes if you go to North Texas. A large selection of used textbooks means you are guaranteed to save when you shop here. Call the store at 940-565-9902 for more information.