The Oregon State University campus (Photo by Go Ikeda)

Oregon State University (OSU) is a public university in Corvallis, Oregon. Founded in 1868, the school is known for academic programs in nuclear engineering, forestry, and oceanography, among others. Oregon State competes in the Pacific-12 athletic conference, and its sports teams are called the Beavers. At OSU and in the Corvallis area, there a few good places to shop for textbooks. Here are some of the stores you should check out:

The OSU Beaver Store is the official campus bookstore serving Oregon State University students and faculty. It’s located right on campus at 2301 Southwest Jefferson Way. This bookstore provides all of the course textbooks and materials for students in all academic programs. In addition to new, used, and rental textbooks, you will find lots of study aids and supplement workbooks to give you more practice and material to look over for your classes. The store offers 10% off all textbook purchases based on the listed retail price. They will also buy back textbooks for a reasonable price and offer fair policies on returns if you happen to drop a class early in the semester and no longer need the books for it. They sell plenty of discounted computer hardware and software titles along with graduation items, Beavers merchandise, and much more. Digital textbooks are also available for a wide variety of subjects, with anything from well drilling to contract management software.

Corvallis Textbooks is an online-only store serving college students in and around the Corvallis area of Oregon. Even though it’s only online, the store has a reputation for some of the most inexpensive books in the area. They focus on selling used textbooks and renting textbooks. Their used books are in very good condition, so you don’t have to worry about getting a book with a bunch of annoying highlighting or ripped pages. Plus save 75% off or more on rental textbooks when you shop with Corvallis Textbooks. They offer next-day delivery if you happen to order your books a few days before classes start.

Browsers’ Bookstore is a fantastic used bookshop at 121 Northwest 4th Street in downtown Corvallis. This store sells all kinds of used books that are actually in very good condition, and their prices are extremely low. You will find a variety of textbooks here that are a bit outdated, but some professors don’t always use the latest editions of books, so it is certainly worth checking here for books. You can also sell back your old textbooks for them and clean at your closet at the same time. Plus you can pick up a good leisure book while you’re there.