The UC Berkeley campus (Photo by Kevin Gong)

The University of California, also known simply as Cal, is a statewide system of universities throughout the state of California. The primary campus among all the branches is located in Berkeley, California and is known as UC Berkeley. This school has an annual enrollment of about 35,000 students and offers over 300 degree programs to both undergraduate and graduate students. Cal’s sports teams are nicknamed the Golden Bears. Cal students have a number of options when it comes to buying textbooks. Here are the best places to look on campus and in the Berkeley area:

The Cal Student Store is the main campus textbook provider at the university. This bookstore is housed inside the Student Union at 108 Martin Luther King Jr. _. This store sells all the books for students enrolled in all academic disciplines. New, used, and rental textbook options are available on most books unless they were just produced and released. Digital textbooks are also for sale. The store has policies in place to ensure that students will get a full refund on returns before the add/drop period for classes ends. You will also find a nice variety of Golden Bears merchandise along with technology items and school supplies, many of which are sold with educational discounts for students.

The Berkeley Textbook Exchange is an online service specifically geared toward Cal students. The site is free to use and allows students to buy and sell used textbooks. Once you sign up, you can post books you want to sell or search for books that are for sale. Then you simply contact the seller or wait to be contacted by a potential buyer and arrange a meeting to make the transaction. You can also trade books with other students so that no money is involved. For security purposes, you can choose to give out your phone number, e-mail address, or instant messenger handle to make the connection and set up a place to meet. It is recommended that you meet in a public place, such as somewhere on campus. This service is an excellent way to save money by buying used books or exchanging books. Plus you are dealing directly with students at your school, which makes it very convenient to go through the process.

Ned’s Berkeley Bookstore at 2480 Bancroft Way is a great off-campus option to buy textbooks and other school supplies. Ned’s offers options on buying books new or used, renting books to save even more money, or selling books back to the store for a very competitive rate. Ned’s has a huge selection of used books at low prices. The store also carries plenty of Golden Bears clothing and gear for Cal sports fans.

Revolution Books at 2425 Channing Way in downtown Berkeley is another good bookstore to check out. They tend to specialize in textbooks for students in Ethnic Studies courses, but they also carry lots of other academic books and general titles. They have very reasonable prices. Call them at 510-848-1196 to find out if they have the materials you need.