A building on the UNLV campus (Photo by Doug Bowman)

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas, more commonly known as UNLV, is a major public research university based in Paradise, Nevada. The main campus sits just over a mile from the famous Las Vegas Strip, a major entertainment hub in the United States. UNLV currently enrolls over 28,000 students. The athletic teams at the school are called the Rebels. UNLV students have some options on where to buy their textbooks. The following stores are the best places to look for books in the area:

The UNLV Bookstore is the official campus bookstore at the university. It is located right on campus at 4505 South Maryland Parkway. This store provides all the textbooks and course supplements for students in all academic disciplines at UNLV. This guarantees students get what they need when getting books here. Textbooks are available new or used. They can also be rented, which can save students over 50% off the list price. Digital textbooks are another option, again providing for great savings. This store has an add/drop policy in place that allows students to return books if they happen to drop a class in order to get a full refund. Technology items at discounted prices and a variety of other school supplies can be found here as well.

Rebelbooks at 4650 South Mary Parkway is an excellent off-campus bookstore serving UNLV students and faculty. They have a larger selection of used books available at low prices along with plenty of rental options. Even the new textbooks for sale at Rebelbooks are priced reasonably for students on tight budgets. In addition, the store will buy back lots of used textbooks so you can clean out your closet with the old and make room for the new. A variety of Rebels apparel and sportswear can be found at Rebelbooks, too. It is probably your best bet for an off-campus bookstore that is located closest to the UNLV campus.

Beat The Bookstore at 4632 South Mary Parkway #1 has a tremendous selection of discounted textbooks. There are BTB locations near schools across the country, and their goal is to make sure students get fair prices on textbooks. A member of the BTB staff will take a look at your book list and find the cheapest materials possible for you, whether they are new books, used books, rental books, or digital books. This store is also conveniently located very close to campus.

There is a Barnes & Noble location in downtown Las Vegas at 3860 Maryland Parkway. Not too far from the UNLV campus, B&N is fully stocked with all the latest textbooks and school supplies to make sure students are ready for classes. B&N sells even more books online and offers the Nook e-reader, which is a handy device for students who have digital textbooks and want the portability to read them anywhere.