Inside the University of Washington library (Photo by David Mayerhofer)

The University of Washington is a major public research university based in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1861, Washington now has a student population of over 42,000. The school’s mascot is Harry the Husky, and its teams are known as the Huskies. Washington students have some choices when it comes to purchasing their textbooks. Here are some good stores to check out in the area for college textbooks:

The official bookstore at the University of Washington is the University Book Store. It is situated on campus at 4326 University Way Northeast – a convenient spot for all students to get to it. The University Book Store offers tons of new, used, rental, and digital textbooks. They give all students a 10% rebate on textbooks. In addition, the website for the store offers a cool price comparison tool so you can find out how much your books would cost from several different retailers. Other items available here include Huskies gear and clothing, technology items, school and dorm supplies, and graduation items. The store makes it very easy to shop online as well so that you can have your books shipped to wherever you are and to ensure you get hem in a timely manner.

Book Kennel at 4321 University Way Northeast is an excellent off-campus bookstore serving Washington students. This place sells new and used textbooks at very reasonable prices. You probably won’t find cheaper used books in town unless you shop here. The store also has fantastic buyback prices on both new and used textbooks. You can order books from the store and pick them up at your convenience and to make sure you get them before the mad rush. Additionally, you can order books online and have them shipped via UPS ground, which doesn’t cost much. The store also carries Huskies apparel and other school supplies. This merchandise is fairly inexpensive as well.

Half Price Books is another good bookstore to visit for college textbooks. Conveniently located in the University District of Seattle at 4709 Roosevelt Way Northeast, you can find lots of books on the shelves here that are literally 50% off the regular price. Along with textbooks, they sell plenty of general books, novels, CD’s, DVD’s, and other merchandise. This is a great store to go to for used textbooks that are a year or a few years old. You can walk out with plenty of money left in your wallet when shopping here.

Barnes & Noble is always fully stocked with academic textbooks and tons of other mainstream titles. There is a B&N store close to the Washington campus at 2675 Northeast University Village Street. You will mostly find new textbooks here, but the prices on them are fairly reasonable compared to other stores that sell new books. A great product at B&N is the Nook e-reader. This device is particularly beneficial to college students because they can use it to read or study wherever they are if they have e-books. Since many e-books are free, it’s almost a no-brainer to get one of these because of how much you can save in the long run.