The Washington State University campus in Pullman (Photo by Robert Ashworth)

Washington State University, commonly called WAZZU or WSU, is a large public research university in Pullman, Washington. Originally founded in 1890, the school currently enrolls over 27,000 students on all of its campuses and about 21,000 on its main Pullman campus. Washington State’s 15 varsity sports teams are called the Cougars, and the school mascot is Butch T. Cougar. When it comes to academics at WSU, textbooks are a top priority. The following stores are good places to look for textbooks on campus and around the Pullman area:

The Washington State University Bookstore, also known as the “Bookie” to students, is situated at 1500 Northeast Terrell Mall inside the Compton Union Building. It is the official bookstore at WSU. The store offers students options on how to acquire their textbooks. You can buy books brand new. You can buy books used and save up to 25%. You can rent books and save up to 50%. Finally, you can buy digital textbooks and save up to 60%. Most books are available with these great savings, but some have just been published and are only available new. Other merchandise at the store includes discounted computer hardware and software, Cougars apparel, and school supplies. The store also partners with other local retailers to offer students special discounts and rebates. In addition, you can return books within a certain period for a full refund and sell back your books to the store for a decent rate.

Crimson & Gray is a good place to look off-campus for textbooks. It’s located in downtown Pullman at 1096 Southeast Bishop Boulevard. With its name derived from the Washington State school colors, Crimson & Gray sells tons of new and used textbooks at excellent prices. Their used books are particularly inexpensive. In addition to the new and used options, the store also rents lots of textbooks, which is the best way to save on your books. You will also find a variety of Cougars clothing, gear, and souvenir items, along with school supplies and a few technology items.

Brused Books at 235 East Main Street sells lots of new and used books. Although the store does not specialize in cheap textbooks specifically, you will find a section with academic textbooks in literature, philosophy, history, and science. If you are an undergraduate student, you are more likely to find some of your books here than if you are in a graduate program. Call the store at 509-334-7898 to find out if your books are available, or if they can be ordered and shipped to the store. Brused Books is open seven days a week for your convenience.

Finally, Barnes & Noble at 405 Northeast Stadium Way has a wide selection of books for students and bookworms alike. Most of their academic books are new, but they do sell the Nook e-reader, which can be used to read inexpensive digital textbooks. You may also find a nice leisure book here, which can be good to get your mind off the stresses of school.