The WMU campus (Photo by Matt Newton)

Western Michigan University (WMU) is a major public university in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Founded in 1903, the school is known for having one of the largest aviation programs in the United States. WMU’s sports teams are called the Broncos. Students at Western Michigan have a few places to shop for textbooks to go along with the main campus bookstore. Here are the best stores to check out:

The official campus bookstore at Western Michigan University is Textbook Alley. This store is conveniently situated on the lower level of the Bernard Center in the Bronco Mall. You will find a variety of options here on how to acquire your books. Textbooks can be purchased brand new or in a gently used condition. Many books are also available for rent, and you can save up to 50% by renting books instead of buying them. You can also order books online and have them sent to you. Graduation items and school supplies are for sale at this store as well, along with plenty of Broncos gear for WMU fans of all ages.

Another great store that has been around a long time is University Bookstore. It’s just down the street from the center of campus at 2529 West Michigan Avenue. Serving WMU students and staff since 1958, this store has a terrific reputation for offering some of the most reasonably priced college items in town. You can either purchase new or used textbooks. You can rent textbooks. The store will buy back your used textbooks for a fair price, and the buyback program is open all year long. They are also open seven days a week, giving students every opportunity to shop when they have the time. Study age, school supplies, and clothing are just a few of the other items you can buy here.

Kazoo Books at 407 North Clarendon Street is a popular destination for readers and students alike in the Kalamazoo area. Close to the WMU campus, Kazoo Books tends to have more used books in stock, which means lower prices for everyone. The offer various book ordering services that can be used by students to find their textbooks if they aren’t available in the store. The store also hosts a variety of events and sells lots of other cool products. The store has been independently owned and operated since 1988. It’s always a good idea to support the local independent bookstores, so check it out and enjoy the great service and savings.