The UW football stadium (Photo by Charles Willgren)

The University of Wyoming is a public university in the Laramie Plains of Laramie, Wyoming. Sometimes abbreviated UW, the school was established in 1886, four years prior to Wyoming actually becoming a state. It has over 13,000 students enrolled in courses each academic year. Wyoming’s athletic teams are known as the Cowboys. Students at UW have a few options on where to buy their textbooks. Here are some of the best bookstores to check out in town:

The official campus bookstore at the school is the University of Wyoming Bookstore. It is situated in the heart of campus inside the Wyoming Union. This bookstore works directly with faculty at the school. This means students can walk in and purchase the exact course materials they need, including the correct editions and versions of the books required or recommended for class. To find your books before you shop, just visit the store’s website and enter your course information. A list will appear with all the materials for each of your classes. Books are available new, in a gently used condition, or for rent. Digital textbooks and rental textbooks are also options and can save students lots of money. A full line of Cowboys gear is for sale here as well, along with school supplies and various gift items for students and alumni alike.

Textbook Brokers is at 1622 East Grand Avenue in downtown Laramie. Textbook Brokers is a fantastic off-campus solution for textbooks. You will find lots of cheap books when you shop here. Even the new books are cheaper than if you were to buy them at other bookstores. There are rental options available for a huge number of books, too. The store provides personalized counter services, a friendly member of their staff will go retrieve the books for you so you don’t have to worry about wasting time looking for them yourself. They also buy back more books than other stores and offer great rates on buybacks. Most of their books are also available for purchase and shipping online.

Night Heron Books is another good used bookstore option for UW students. The store does not specialize in textbooks, but they do carry a nice selection of them at low prices since they are all second-hand. They are located at 107 Ivinson Street in downtown Laramie. The store carries a huge selection of books on various subjects, many of which students would also use for their English classes and other courses requiring general titles or novels. They also sell rare and out-of-print books, so if you are using textbooks that are a few years old, this store can help you out. Online ordering is available.