Bridgeforth Stadium at JMU (Photo by Taber A. Bain)

James Madison University (JMU) is a large public research university located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Founded in 1908, the school has an annual enrollment of about 19,000 students, and only about 1,000 of them are enrolled in postgraduate academic programs. The school’s athletic teams are called the Dukes, and the school mascot is Duke Dog. The university is named after James Madison, the fourth president of the United States. When it comes to textbooks, JMU students have some options on where to purchase their books. Check out the following stores for the best selection and best prices on books in the Harrisonburg area:

The official outlet for textbooks at James Madison University is the JMU Bookstore. It is situated in the heart of campus at 211 Bluestone Drive. When you shop here, you can be assured that you are buying the correct editions of the textbooks you need for your classes. New, used, rental, and digital textbooks are all available. It is up to you on which option to go with, especially since more and more books are now available for rent and in digital form. The books available for rent are the best way to go because you can save over 50% off the typical price for a new book. Since students need computers and software for homework and research, you will find a nice selection of discounted technology items here. In addition, you can buy team apparel to show support for the JMU athletic clubs. School supplies and dorm accessories are available for purchase as well. The store offers an e-mail newsletter on its website, so take advantage of it by signing up for special discounts on coupons.

University Outpost Bookstore at 1221 Forrest Hills Road is considered the most popular off-campus bookstore for James Madison students. Open seven days a week, this store has served the JMU campus since 1991 and is stocked with lots of discounted items. The staff members here know how important it is for college students to save cash when doing their shopping, and you can be certain to save when you buy the items on your list here. In addition to a full selection of new and used textbooks at great prices, the store also encourages students to sell their used books in order to get some money for them. You can either sell books to the store or use the store’s online marketplace to sell them directly to other students. More info on this is on the website.

BookBam is an online exchange site that is run and maintained through Facebook. The site encourages JMU students to sell their textbooks to other students who can use them for the upcoming semester. All you have to do is post all of the relevant info about on your books on this Facebook page. If a potential buyer sees it, that person will have the opportunity to contact you and set up a time to meet for the exchange or transaction. The site recommends students meet on campus when exchanging money and books.