The Louisiana Tech football stadium (Photo by Westside Shooter)

Louisiana Tech University is a public research university located in Ruston, Louisiana. Sometimes referred to as LA Tech, the school was originally established in 1894. It enrolls over 11,000 students per academic year and employs over 500 academic staff members. Louisiana Tech’s sports teams are called the Bulldogs. Students at the university know how important it is to shop around for textbooks to find the best deals. The following bookstores are ones that students should check out for textbooks:

The Louisiana Tech University Bookstore at 100 Wisteria Street is LA Tech’s main on-campus book supplier. This bookstore carries all of the textbooks and course materials that are both required and recommended for all classes at the university. The store offers several options – new textbooks, used textbooks, rental textbooks, and digital textbooks. You can actually save the most money by purchasing digital textbooks. The rentals are also a great choice and can save you up to 50% off the list price for a book. Other merchandise for sale here includes Bulldogs team gear, discounted technology items, graduation supplies, and a great selection of general books. This store is open Monday through Friday and is situated right in the heart of campus.

Best Price Textbooks is a great off-campus outlet for textbooks. The name of this store is exactly what it offers – the best prices on all textbooks in stock. It is located at 1102 Cookman Road, Suite A. You can buy, rent, and sell back your textbooks to the store. It also offers a convenient and free shipping program where you can ship your used books to the store for no charge and you will receive a check from them in the mail. Just call 318-255-8555 for more information.

Textbook Rentals, Inc. of Ruston at 810 West California Avenue is another fantastic place to get textbooks. This store specializes in renting textbooks to students who attend Louisiana Tech and other local colleges in the area. Although this store carries a huge selection of textbooks available for rent, you can also buy and sell textbooks here. By renting books, you can easily save over 50% off the normal list price for a new copy of a book. Plus renting them means you can get them out of your closet when you are done with your classes to make room for new books. For more information and to find out if your books are in stock, call 318-255-5090.