Downtown Bozeman, Montana, home of Montana State University (Photo by Scott Robinson)

Montana State Universiy, which was originally founded in 1893, is a public university in Bozeman, Montana. Sometimes referred to as MSU for short, Montana State University has a current student enrollment of over 14,000 and employs over 1,000 full- and part-time academic faculty members. Montana State’s athletic teams are called the Fighting Bobcats, and obviously you don’t want to mess with them! The school colors are blue and gold. Montana State students can choose from a few different bookstores to get their textbooks at the lowest prices. Here are the best bookstores in the area to check out:

The official campus bookstore at Montana State University is the MSU Bookstore. Housed inside the Strand Union Building right on campus, the MSU Bookstore is unique in that it is not owned and operated by the university but in fact is independently managed by faculty and students. Because of this, the store has the ability to offer more discounts and lower prices on its entire textbook inventory. You can buy, sell, and rent books here. New and used options are available as well as digital textbooks, and some digital books are free. Apple, HP, Dell, and Lenovo computers and accessories are sold here as well. These technology items are available at reduced prices for students. You will also find a great selection of Fighting Bobcats mercahdnsie, including shirts, hats, and game-day gear to help you show support for your hometown school. The MSU Bookstore is open Monday through Saturday.

Bozeman Book Sale is a free online service for college students living in Bozeman, Montana. The site allows students to buy and sell used textbooks. All you have to do is register for an account, buy books, or list your own books. You can set a price or negotiate it later with the potential buyers. Because this site is locally-based in Bozeman, it makes it quick and easy to either get the books you need for your classes at Montana State or connect with other students who also attend MSU to get some cash for your used books.

Barnes & Noble has a location in Bozeman at 2825 West Main Street. Barnes & Noble carries a huge inventory of books in all subject areas, and this inventory includes numerous academic books and titles commonly used in undergraduate English and literature classes. The great thing about B&N is the online store, which includes millions of titles and lots of textbooks. Plus B&N carries the popular and handy Nook e-reader. This device allows college students to read their digital books on the go. It’s perfect for a student who has a busy schedule but needs to squeeze in some reading and studying throughout the day.