The NMSU campus in downtown Las Cruces (Photo by Cosmic Kitty)

New Mexico State University is a large university based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Sometimes abbreviated as NMSU, the school was founded in 1888 and currently enrolls over 18,000 students with over 1,000 academic staff members. New Mexico State is the second-largest university in the state as far as enrollment is concerned. The school’s athletic teams are called the Aggies, and Pistol Pete is the official mascot. New Mexico State students have a few options when buying their textbooks. These bookstores are the best places to shop for books:

The NSMU Las Cruces Campus Bookstore is the school’s official textbook provider. The staff members at this store are in direct contact with university faculty, which ensures students receive the correct editions of the textbooks that are either required or recommended for their classes. The bookstore is at 1400 East University Avenue. The good thing about shopping here is that there are a number of options on buying and renting your books. You can buy books new. You can buy them used and save up to 25%. You can rent them to save up to 50%. A large amount of textbooks are available digitally as well, which means even more savings. The store carries lots of Aggies gear for fans of all ages. Other items for sale at this store include discounted computer software, graduation supplies, alumni items, and special offers from other retailers that partner with the bookstore. Almost everything on the shelves here is also available online.

Campus Bookstore is an off-campus textbook outlet in Las Cruces. It is located at 1713 East University Avenue and is only a short distance from the NMSU campus. This bookstore has fantastic prices on all of its textbooks, including new books, used books, and rentals. The store buys back used textbooks all year long, which is something other bookstores only do at certain times throughout the year. Campus Bookstore is your solution to low prices. Even if you want to buy brand new textbooks, get them here and you will save money. You can also reserve textbooks in advance to make sure that you get the best prices on them. In addition, the store has extended hours during peak textbook-buying periods and also hosts various giveaways to encourage students to shop here.

COAS Books is another great bookstore that sells and buys used textbooks. COAS Books is located at 317 South Main Street. COAS Books has over 450,000 books in stock, which is one of the largest inventories in the southwestern region of the United States. At this bookstore, you will find titles spanning a big range of subjects and genres. A staff member will gladly assist you if you can’t find the books you’re looking for or if you have a special order. You can get cash on the spot for your used textbooks as well. If you order online, many books will ship for free.