Downtown Greeley, Colorado, home of the University of Northern Colorado (Photo by David Shankbone)

The University of Northern Colorado is a public university located in Greeley, Colorado. Founded in 1889, Northern Colorado currently enrolls over 12,000 students and employs over 400 academic staff members. The sports teams at Northern Colorado are known as the Bears, and the official school mascot is known as Klawz. When it comes to college textbooks, students at Northern Colorado know the importance of shopping around in order to get the best prices on their books. The following bookstores are the best places to look for textbooks:

The University of Northern California Bookstore and Fan Shop is the primary on-campus outlet for textbooks at the school. The bookstore is located at 2045 10th Avenue. There are several ways you can acquire your books from this bookstore. If you prefer to buy hard copies of your books, you can purchase them either brand new or used. You can also purchase digital versions of your textbooks in many cases. The other increasingly popular option is to rent textbooks. Renting books is the best way to save money on them. This bookstore also sells a variety of other items, including athletic team apparel to root on the Bears, discounted computer software titles, graduation supplies if you’re getting close to the big day, and general books. The store has a special section of health science books and also sells lots of study guides and workbooks to help you in your classes.

Textbook Brokers, which is situated at 807 17th Street, Suite C, is an excellent off-campus bookstore serving Northern Colorado students for several years now. Textbook Brokers has a huge inventory of new and used textbooks at great low prices. A friendly staff member from the store will work with you directly to meet your needs and ensure that you are able to get your books at a reasonable price. This store also allows customers to reserve books in advance. This means you can reserve the most reasonably priced books to make sure you get them before the mad rush of other students starts. You can rent books as well. Most items available in the Greeley store are also available online.

Another good store to check out for textbooks is called The Book Stop. It is close to the Northern Colorado campus in Greeley at 931 16th Street. The Book Stop is literally your one-stop shop for all things college. The store has served students in the area since 1968 and has a great reputation because of its longevity. You can either purchase books new or used, and you can reserve books in advance. The store will buy used textbooks from you and pay you right away at a very competitive rate compared to other bookstores. Plus you can purchase other items like study aid materials and school spirit merchandise. This store has great prices on everything, so make sure to check it out early before the semester starts to get what you need for your classes.