In order to get a college diploma like this, you may need to use The Hodges Harbrace Handbook in your English classes. (Photo by T. Young)

With each passing year, more and more college textbooks are introduced by textbook publishers into the constantly expanding market of books. Some books only publish one edition and never make it beyond that, while others are around for several years. But there is one book that has remained on the bookshelves at college bookstores for more than 70 years now, and college students around the United States continue to use the book in their English and writing classes.

The Hodges Harbrace Handbook was written and produced by professor John C. Hodges at the University of Tennessee in 1941. It went on sale nationwide the following year. In March, the book celebrated its 70th anniversary by introducing the 18th edition of the book. According to Cengage Learning, which produces the handbook, it has sold over 15 million copies over the years to students who have learned about prepositions and adverbs in their English and writing courses. This makes it one of the best-selling academic textbooks in the history of modern education. It is also one of the most revised textbooks of all time since it is now in its 18th version.

The latest version of the book is co-authored by Cheryl Glenn, a liberal arts professor of English at Penn State and Loretta Gray, a professor of English at Central Washington. It has been adapted in recent years to reflect the increase in technology at higher-level educational institutions around the country. There is a digital e-book version of the book that includes a variety of online resources for students and professors.

If you need a copy of this textbook for one of your classes, it is available at numerous college bookstores around the country and online. Click here to compare prices on the book and save money. On, you can buy a brand new hardcover copy of the book for $83.74, down from the regular list price of $107.95. Several used copies of the book are available on the site for $74.00. You can also rent a brand new copy of the book for just $39.49 on Both sites also have copies of earlier editions of the handbook, which are mostly available at cheaper prices.

With more students using shorthand and abbreviations in their communication today through texting and online chatting, a handbook like this is perhaps more important than ever for students to study. It’s a bit ironic that a book that was originally published more than seven decades ago could be so meaningful and relevant in today’s education.