The University of Oregon campus in Eugene (Photo by Jeff Ozvold)

The University of Oregon is a major public research university in Eugene, Oregon.  Originally founded in 1876, Oregon is the third-oldest university in the state. The school currently has an annual enrollment of over 24,000 students, and fewer than 4,000 are graduate students. The school’s athletic teams are called the Ducks. Oregon students have some options on where to purchase their textbooks. Here are some of the best places to shop for books:

The official textbook provider of the University of Oregon is The Duck Store. This bookstore is situated in the heart of campus at 895 East 13th Avenue. The Duck Store sells all the course materials students are required to have for their courses, no matter which academic discipline they are in or whether they are undergraduate or graduate students. You will find new, used, rental, and digital textbook options here. In addition to textbooks, the store sells a wide array of Ducks apparel and clothing, hence the store’s name. School supplies, discounted technology items, and graduation supplies are in stock as well. Just remember that when shopping at The Duck Store, you can be sure you get the items you need.

Tsunami Books at 2585 Willamette Street in downtown Eugene is a great small bookstore. They sell all kinds of books and music, including a nice selection of academic books. Plus receive 20% off used books when you shop during Oregon football games. Take your radio to the store to keep up with the game! The friendly staff will help you track down the books on your list, even if they aren’t on their shelves. Call them at 541- 345-8986 to see if they have the items you want.

J. Michaels Books has a great reputation as being one of the older independent bookstores in Eugene. It’s located at 160 East Broadway. Serving Oregon customers since 1975, the bookstore offers a huge selection of used and rare books at low prices. You can find a pretty good collection of used textbooks here and can save lots of money on them. They also buy back books at pay top-dollar for certain ones. Call them at 541-342-2002 to find out if they have your textbooks in stock.

Barnes & Noble has the reputation for selling quality books at reasonable prices. B&N has a store in downtown Eugene at 1163 Valley River Center, right across from the Valley River Center Mall. New books in a variety of genres are available here, including several academic books for Oregon students. They also carry some school supplies, Ducks gear, and the Nook e-reader, which students can use to read their digital textbooks.