A view of Sacramento State University at night (Photo by alohalea)

California State University, Sacramento, also known as Sacramento State University, is a public institution of higher education in Sacramento, California. The school was originally founded in 1947 and now enrolls about 30,000 students each academic year. The school’s athletic teams are called the Hornets, and Herky the Hornet is the school mascot. When it comes to buying textbooks, Sacramento State students have a few bookstores to choose from, including these:

The Sacramento State University Bookstore, which is situated on campus at 6000 J Street, is the primary outlet for books. It is owned and operated by the university and provides all textbooks and other course materials for students in all majors. That’s why you know you are getting the right stuff when shopping here. If you prefer to buy your books and keep them, you can do just that by purchasing brand new or gently used textbooks here. If you’d rather rent them, that is another option, and renting is a smart way to save over 50% on your books. Digital textbooks are for sale as well, which are also priced much lower than traditional hardcover books. However, not all textbooks can be rented or bought digitally. Other items for sale here include discounted computer hardware and software at educational prices, Hornets gear to show your school spirit, and dorm supplies to make sure your dorm looks good for the upcoming semester.

KJ Textbooks is a popular off-campus textbook store in downtown Sacramento. It’s at 7321 West Stockton Boulevard, Suite #100. At KJ Textbooks, you will find a huge selection of discounted books, and these books are both new and used. There is also the option to rent certain books. KJ Textbooks serves Sacramento State students and those who attend other colleges in the area. The personalized customer service here is very good, meaning you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong books. You can get great deals on just about everything in stock, so it’s a no-brainer to at least stop by or call the store at 916-688-7473.

Another good textbook outlet is called Aida’s University Book Exchange, formerly known as Dana K Textbooks. It’s located at 4848 Madison Avenue and is fairly close to the Sacramento State campus. Aida’s has all kinds of options on textbooks, including purchasing them, renting them, and exchanging them. You can really save some money when shopping here, plus you can get a fair rate when you sell books to the store. Call 916-338-5140 to find out if your books are in stock here.

Finally, Student Book Exchange at 2100 11th Avenue in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento is a spot where you can easily exchange books and save money on your purchases. Bring in your old textbooks and exchange them for the ones you need for your upcoming schedule of courses. To find out more about the store and to see if your books are in stock here, call 916-442-4890.